10 Europe tranquil destination to rejuvenate yourself

I had rejuvenated my soul upon visiting that tranquil destination!

Does the statement sounds calming and bring peace upon you? Yes, it certainly helps us to release accumulated stress by visiting one of those tranquil destination with breathtaking scenery. Or perhaps just sheer quietness in the abundance of greenery for some?

Allow me to bring you through 10 Europe tranquil destination with interesting encounter along my traveling experience!


Belem in Portugal

Belem is a tranquil town with several places of interest to spend your relaxing day. These venue is not far away from each other and easily accessible by train. The most majestic building you will see upon reaching this area is the Jerominos Monastery located next to the famous Pasteis de Belem shop.

Another iconic landmark of Belem is the Torre de Belem. It’s a very unique small fort that has played its role to safeguard this town from intrusion coming from the sea. Although it’s a small fort, its intricacy will amaze you. There are several cannons in the tower and a dungeon to hold hostages. You will be amused in this small fort.

At the evening, you can have a leisure stroll at Cascais-Estoril promenade walk. It’s a 3km walk but you can select the spot you want to spend time on. You will come across the beach area to admire its view and enjoy the lively atmosphere if you are missing some bustling vibes!


Sintra in Portugal

Sintra is a lovely small town in Portugal.  You can start your journey by visiting the most vividly painted palace, Palacio da Pena as featured in the image above. Never in my life I ever encounter such vividly painted palace. Standing in front of this colorful palace, i felt like i am back to my favorite childhood memory.

Next, you can visit Castelo dos Mouros, the ancient ruined castle for a spectacular view over the region of Sintra. Upon satiating your appetite on this view, you can proceed to its town center, which is what you saw from this ruined castle, sounds interesting right?

Don’t forget to taste the “Ginja”, sour cherry liquor to be served in the specially made chocolate cup. You can eat the chocolate cup together with the liquor, very unique and fun experience!


Karlovy Vary spa town in Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary, such a beautiful name for this spa town hidden in Prague. It’s also a famous celebrity destination whereby there is one celebrities’ favorite hotel, namely the one and only Grandhotel Pupp.

This town is remote from Prague city area and you will be surrounded by abundance of greenery and relaxing environment. One can easily forget all the issues and stress from the city upon reaching this charming town. The air is fresh and you can drink the water from the designated tap due to its richness in mineral content.

There are many hiking trails in Karlovy Vary with lookout point, and some hidden surprise such as the beautifully designed Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul. I especially like its gold plated cupola, not just one, but five in total! It’s painted in harmonious amalgamation of white and blue, embellished with golden glittering element.


Pisa for the Square of miracles in Italy

Pisa, lies within 100 km distance away from Florence makes it a perfect day trip destination. Pisa is famous with the architectural wonder protagonist, the Leaning tower of Pisa. It’s consider an architectural miracle with its leaning position from the ground level.

There are two neighboring buildings located beside the Leaning tower of Pisa has been completely overshadowed. However, it’s still worth mentioning these two buildings because its exterior is in perfect synchronization with each other. Of course, you can visit the interior of these two buildings too.

Besides admiring the Leaning tower of Pisa miraculous exterior from the outside. You can experience its miracle inside of this tower too! Yes, it’s true. You can climb up to the top of the tower to admire the city view of Pisa. It’s a very strange experience to climb up to the top of this leaning tower because it’s really leaning!


Montserrat in Barcelona, Spain

Montserrat is a famous monk mountain retreat. It offers you a spectacular mountain views of Catalunya. You don’t need to be a monk to visit this place. No confusion! The mountain view on the top is breathtaking. I felt my soul has been purified and problems vanquished amidst its tranquility.

Thank god cable car is available to reach to the top of mountain. The cable car ride is a sheer joy because you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery through its transparent window. I noticed this cable car ascending angle is quite steep. Hence, this ride might be an horrifying experience for those who is afraid of height!

The mountain top is idiosyncratic comparing to the usual greenery scene. It’s a formation of rock without the presence of abundance greenery. Pure light brown in color. Pretty awesome right? Besides, the mountain top area is quite large and you can enjoy the view from all angles.


Zaanse Schans windmill area in Netherlands

Windmill is Netherlands worlds’s famous heritage. It’s a mechanical structure with a big fan to harness the energy from wind. It’s an interesting piece of equipment that is still functioning nowadays. Zaanse Schans is the best area to discover this amazing windmill. You will loves the tranquility of this place too!

There is a cruise service for you to admire the windmill from the lake. It will take you from one side of the lake to the opposite shore and comes back again as a round trip. I did enjoy this relaxing cruise, probably you should try this too.

Do not forget to visits the clogs exhibition center whereby the shop is offering plenty of interesting facts and figures about this world’s famous clogs in Netherlands. And i think you will not miss this place due to the giant clogs displayed in front of the shop!


Bacharach in Germany

It’s a small area for your easy saunter. I especially like the design of these 14th century traditional German house here. This place is definitely soul soothing. Take your time to explore this lovely town. After that, you can hop on to the Rhine river cruise.

Rhine river tour is a famous river cruise path in Germany. You can sight see a variety of castles of different shapes and sizes along its river bank. Certain pier is available for you to hope off from the cruise for a little adventure before hop on to the next cruise to continue your journey. Just sit back and relax your journey.

Along your cruise, you will come across one sizable castle, namely Rhens Castle. You can hop off at this pier to start your little adventure. You can see this unique castle sitting at the hilltop when you are approaching its pier. You need to walk uphill to the castle and i assure you it’s an enjoyable walk to admire its heritage buildings along your journey.


Segovia, historic city in Spain

Segovia really caught me in surprise! I experienced so much fun and excitement in this historic city. I am absolutely stunned upon reaching at its bus stop. The well maintained gigantic stone structure greeted me in awe! There are three point of interest when you explore into this tranquil town, namely the Aqueduct, the Cathedral and Alcazar Fortress.

Make sure you climb up to the top of the cathedral tower to appreciate the tranquil view of Segovia. From the tower, you can look towards Alcazar Fortress, your next point of interest. In reciprocation, you can look back to the cathedral from Alcazar Fortress lookout terrace at the top later.

This is definitely one of the best outskirt day trip i ever had in my life. Segovia offers such calming and lovely landscape. I especially like how this town is designed, whereby the points of interest is being arranged in a nice walking pathway along your journey. Simple and easy to navigate from one stop to another.


Hallstatt, one of the most beautiful small town in Austria

To the passionate traveler, you should definitely visit Hallstatt. It’s being ranked as one of the most beautiful small town in the world. Bird chirping and swan frolicking on the lake is a welcoming scene upon your arrival to this picturesque venue.

You will not regret spending a day in this lovely small town while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Hallstatt can offers one the best lake view in Europe surrounded by majestic mountain.

Hallstatt might seems a little remote from the map but it’s quite accessible via train either departing from Salzburg or Vienna. I came to Hallstatt from Salzburg via two and a half hour train journey. Yes, it sounds like a long way but the beautiful scenery along the journey will help you grinding through it effortlessly. Needless to say, the train ride is comfortable as usual. I couldn’t complain more.


Dachstein Mountain expedition in Austria

Dachstein Mountain is world famous for its breathtaking scenery view admiring from the zenith of the majestic mountain. It’s the mountains surrounding the beautiful Hallstatt lake that scintillates in charm and magical atmosphere. The featured image of this article definitely portrays the jaw dropping scenery beauty at Dachstein Mountain.

Fortunately, there is a comfortable cable car facility available to transport you effortlessly to the top of the Dachstein mountain. You may want to check in advance whether it’s covering with snow at the mountain top during your visit. During my visit in early September, I am not aware the mountain top is covers with snow and i am facing with a little bit of challenge to walk properly. Anyway, it did not reduce my excitement at all.

This is certainly a precious jewel awaiting your discovery! Do not forget this exciting expedition if you are visiting Hallstatt, or you can just visit this beautiful lookout point at its own.