12 Beautiful Europe city to take your breath away

Europe city is charming on its own and scintillating irresistible aura luring millions of visitors every year. I have to give my thumb up to these beautiful cities in Europe. There are definitely more than 12 worthwhile visiting cities in Europe. However, I find these 12 cities possesses its own unique quality for my recommendation.

Let’s begin our exciting journey to unfold the mystery now!


Vienna, Austria

Vienna is famous as the city of Music. There are so much places of interest to visit in Vienna, e.g. Schönbrunn Palace & Gardens, Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, Hofburg Palace. For the dessert and coffee lovers, you can also try the world famous Vienna dessert at Demel Cafe or Café Sache.

Vienna’s building is uniquely adorned with different color roof tile. The amalgamation of heritage buildings with modern architecture contributes to the uniqueness of Vienna. How does it feel to breath on top of Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna while admiring the stunning city view? You will definitely appreciate this precious moment.


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon city view is quite reddish in terms of its building roof tiles are in red. I love this vibrant roof tile colors. It makes Lisbon lively. The landscape of Lisbon also allow building to be juxtaposed nicely and form this wonderful city view.

You can visit Castelo de Sao Jorge at the Alfama district for a spectacular city view or just admire the city view at Miradouro de Santa Luzia. There are also nearby outskirt trip from Lisbon for your leisure activities such as Sintra and Belem.


Porto, Portugal

Porto is a fabulous town in Portugal. You must visit the Cais da Ribeira, a very happening waterfront area at Porto. The famous River Duoro ignites element of liveliness and excitement to this venue. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, shops and street performance at this lively area to fun filled your evening.

There are six famous bridges built on top of this river. You visit will be incomplete without taking one of the famous river cruise to sight see all the six bridges. The most beautiful bridge built here is Ponte de Dom Luis, as shown in the feature image of this article. A very intricate double deck metal arch bridge!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, the Netherlands capital city and famous for its canal system. There are lots of boat and cruise being used as a mode of transport on its canal and plenty of cyclist cycling on the street. Very unique city scintillating its own charm. You can visit the famous Rijksmuseum or the other mini museums.

Amsterdam red light district is also famous with adult service on the go. There are legalized prostitute wearing only underwear or sexy uniform standing behind the transparent glass for your selection. With full respect, photography of these scene are strictly prohibited.


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. It’s also one of the most populous city in Europe. I am sure you will find your liking in this wonderful place. It’s famous with its beautiful juxtaposition of the heritage buildings in Buda Castle hill, and its magnificent Hungary Parliament House.

You can also admire the beautiful bridges, enjoy a night cruise on the River Danube and indulge yourself in local delicacy. Their most famous dish is the Goulash soup, a stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices. You should try this for sure!


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona definitely is a vibrant colorful city. Gaudi is the most well known architect in Barcelona. His remarkable and creative masterpiece has impact the city in a unprecedented scale. One must not miss Gaudi’s creation in Barcelona or you will find yourself in regret later. I am not joking, you must really not miss his sleight of hand creation!

These world famous Gaudi’s creation included Casa Mila (also famously known as La Pedrera, the stone quarry), Casa Batllo (it’s like you are staring at a building with many eyes), Guell Palace, Park Guell and the impressive Basilica of Sagrada Familia.


London, United Kingdom

London is the most exciting city of UK! It has so much to offers and everyone will finds its own liking within this wonderful city. Some of the most worthwhile visiting venue included Westminster Abbey and Palace, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London (the impressive Crown Jewels collection), St’ Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye.

You can also savor world class delicacy in the city of London. From the mouth watering fine dining for the discerning few, middle range delicacy to economical dishes. Fish and chips is London’s most famous dish. Nonetheless, i prefer Burger and Lobster.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a fairy tale alike kingdom in Czech Republic. There is so much heritage buildings to admire and caught me in awe. Prague Castle is Czech proudest and most magnificent heritage. It’s also one of the biggest coherent castle complex according to the Guinness Book of World Records. None other castle complex is as magnificent as Prague Castle in the world.

Prague old town square is a lovely place with all sorts of interesting activities. You can enjoy the local delicacies with its plethora of dining choices, enjoying the busy crowd watching, or just climb up to the tower for a spectacular Prague old town city view.

Do not forget to visit the Astronomical Clock!


Paris, France

Paris, the most romantic city in France, probably in the entire world too! One would definitely love to admire this romantic city view. Submerge yourself into the ambiance filled with romance and surround yourself with the lovely environment. There are also so many places of interest to satiate your appetite in Paris!

To name a few, you can visit the spectacular Eiffel Tower (remember to go to the top for the breathtaking city view), Trocadero for a lovely photography session with the tower, the Louvre museum, Palais Garnier (jaw dropping grandiose opera house), Notre Dame Cathedral and Sacre-Coeur.

Do not forget to explore Chateau Versailles (very beautiful palace) located at the outskirt of Paris. It’s a huge palace with many rooms and equipped with a large garden. You will definitely be impressed by the magnificence of this palace and enjoy the serenity while visiting its garden.


Vatican City

Vatican City, such a glamorous name for an almighty city in Europe. It’s is surrounded by Italy, one of the very unique position as a country by itself. It’s self governed with the largest cathedral in the world. The Pope stays here too! I am amazed by the magnificence of this city.

There are two must visit venue or your trip to Vatican City is considered incomplete! Firstly, Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel. You must end your visit at Sistine Chapel to admire its ceiling, painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512 as the cornerstone work of High Renaissance art.

Secondly, you may proceed to St. Peter’s Basilica and its famous Cupola di San Pietro for the spectacular city view of Vatican City.


Rome, Italy

Colosseum is a world famous heritage that you must visit or your trip to Rome is considered incomplete! Its neighboring sites, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is definitely igniting the same excitement! There are so much to sight see at this area, and such astounding view is only available here, in Rome!

Some friend of mine mention this place look exactly like a real life computer war game stimulated scene. If you are a fan of all these computer war game, i am sure you will be impressed by this scene too!

I am utterly flabbergasted by this unimaginable scene contributed by all these world famous iconic landmark in Rome. I recommend you to pay a visit to this place in order to truly appreciate its excitement! I guarantee you will feel the same way too!


Venice, Italy

Venice, famous for its romantic waterways and it’s definitely a must visit destination in Italy. It’s a beautiful city connected by more than 100 small islands via canal and waterway. It’s hard to imagine this place without a visit and it will definitely open your eyes on its uniqueness.

It’s practically no road for car on this romantic city. All transportation are feasible via boat, cruise or any other ship, you name it. I must say it’s a extremely rare city with this kind of setting. Amidst its unique proposition, there is far more to be discovered in this lovely city! Look at the photo above, could you not fall in love with Venice?

Gondola is the beautifully decorated boat available in Venice. You can spend some time touring this city on your preferred Gondola.

Do not forget to visit St. Mark’s Square. It’s the busiest place in Venice with plethora of restaurant choices, bustling crowd watching, souvenir shopping, whatever you name it. There is a cathedral and a tall bell tower named campanile for you to observe the breathtaking city view of Venice from the top.