5 Europe castle with amazing panoramic view

European castle is famous for its majestic design. Visiting a castle will reward you an unforgettable experience during the castle exploration. Additionally, you can observe an amazing panoramic view from the top of the castle due to its strategic location at a higher altitude.

Let me walk you through 5 European castle with breathtaking view and i am sure you will be impressed!


Castelo dos Mouros, ancient ruined castle in Sintra, Portugal

Let’s start our expedition with a ruined castle located at Sintra. You can enjoy the breathtaking view over the region of Sintra while visiting this ruined castle. There are several elevated view point at its respective tower for your photography indulgence.

Remember to wear a comfortable shoe as you need to walk from one tower to another tower to admire the view. And some inclination angle is rather steep for your exploration on this ruined castle. You can also admire the vividly painted colorful Pena Palace from this ruined castle.


Castelo de Sao Jorge at Lisbon, Portugal

Castelo de Sao Jorge, the castle of Lisbon provides you an amazing city view. You are able to admire this view because the castle is located at highest hill in Lisbon. You will have an enjoyable walking journey towards the top of the hill.

Lisbon city view is quite reddish in terms of its building roof tiles are in red. I love this vibrant roof tile colors. It makes Lisbon lively. The landscape of Lisbon also allow building to be juxtaposed nicely and form this wonderful city view. Absolutely wonderful lookout point.

This castle occupies a large area with many amenities for your pleasant visit. Cafe and restaurant are also available for your dining rendezvous at this lookout point. You can spend a wonderful day here discovering the pleasure offers by this castle.


Fortress Hohensalzburg at Salzburg, Austria

It’s an ancient fortress is located at the center of Salzburg old town. It’s definitely a unique castle for your exciting exploration. You can see this prominent landmark located at the top of the hill when you are approaching this venue. Don’t worry on how to locate this castle because someone can just point their finger and you will see it.

The highlight of this fortress is its ability to provide a great terrace serving as a lookout point. It’s spacious and providing you an unobstructed viewpoint. I would rank this as the best lookout point at Salzburg. Besides, you can also visit some interesting puppet exhibition along your expedition.

You need to pay extra to visit the State room in this castle, which is not included in the main entrance ticket.


Buda castle hill at Budapest, Hungary

Buda castle hill is one of the most visited destination in Budapest. You can spend a wonderful day on this hill to admire all the beautiful heritage buildings. Its landscape allow all these majestic buildings to line up on the hill for a beautiful juxtaposition. You must visit Matthias Church and Fisherman Bastion when you are here.

Make sure you visit the church tower to have the best lookup point for a breathtaking Budapest city view. The climb is a guided trip and don’t worry on your stamina because there is a mid section pit stop for you to take a short break and learn about the history of the church.

The Fisherman bastion is another marvelous architecture for your subsequent admiration. Its mono tone design is its uniqueness. It surrounds one side of the Matthias church and provide an arena for the church colorful roof tile to stands out. Clever design.


Prague Castle at Czech Republic

Prague Castle is Czech proudest and most magnificent heritage. It’s also one of the biggest coherent castle complex according to the Guinness Book of World Records. None other castle complex is as magnificent as Prague Castle in the world. This is the only sole reason attracted me to visit this castle!

There are many great point of interest within Prague Castle, such as St. Vitus Cathedral, Lobkowicz Palace and Golden Lane. I am utterly flabbergasted by the large compound of this castle and never seen such magnificent architectural establishment elsewhere in such condensed footprint!

I am sure you will enjoy all these amazing European castles!