5 Must Not Miss Gaudi creation in Barcelona

Park Guell famous chameleon

Gaudi is the most well known architect in Barcelona. His remarkable and creative masterpiece has impact the city in a unprecedented scale. One must not miss Gaudi’s creation in Barcelona or you will find yourself in regret later. I am not joking, you must really not miss his sleight of hand creation!

Let me walk you through 5 must not miss Gaudi creation in Barcelona now!


Casa Mila

Casa Mila is also famously known as La Pedrera, the stone quarry. It’s another creative masterpiece by Gaudi in Barcelona. Truly original and fascinating. The hidden surprise of this building is its individually designed chimney at the roof top. Each of this chimney was created in different shape. Absolutely brilliant artistry.

At the roof, you can also admire a 360 degree Barcelona city view. Killing two bird with one stone. Descending from the roof, you will continue your visit to its exhibition center. This area is located beneath the hemisphere roof structure. You will be granted an unforgettable experience.


Casa Batllo

Standing in front of Casa Batllo, it’s like you are staring at a building with many eyes. The shape of the masque alike balcony is skillfully crafted to create this illusion.  Gaudi enchanting creation will never cease to amaze its audience. Casa Batllo is located at the busy street of Passeig de Gracia.

Similar like Casa Mila, its roof is equipped with a creative chimney and other objects. The top of the chimney is artistically decorated with colorful pattern and illustration. The roof frontage is being crafted like the spine of a dragon with its scale shaped tiles. You will see how it blends into the animation during its show time.


Guell Palace

This palace is not as big as the other palaces i have visited before. It’s smacked between buildings at a row of shops near the famous La Rambla street. Absolutely easily accessible! There are a underground dungeon, and other hall and room built with iron and wood elements.

As you climb floor by floor to visit this palace, you are closer to the roof top. Be prepared and get excited with all the creative chimney! You are about to have a very fun time here. Be spoiled with plenty of uniquely designed chimney!


Park Guell

I am truly bedazzled upon reaching the monumental zone at Park Guell. It’s colorful, cheerful and lively. Words cannot describe my uplifted feeling. I am touched by the creativity of Gaudi creation at Park Guell. There is no other places like Park Guell at Barcelona.

Another vantage point of Park Guell is its facing to the ocean. Standing at the terrace, you will be enjoying the beautiful view of the city with the ocean as the backdrop. Sounds like a million dollar extravagant resort sea view, right?

The unique architecture at Park Guell is one of its kind. Very creative and fairy tale alike building. Sleight of hand of Gaudi is highly admired at Barcelona. This is one of the main attraction point drawing millions of visitor to Barcelona every year.


Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous landmark in Barcelona. Your trip to Barcelona is incomplete without visiting this majestic masterpiece of Gaudi. This Basilica is still building in progress although it has been started more than 100 years ago. Absolutely amazing!

I admit its external facade is less colorful than other cathedral. However, its interior design is amazing with colorful glass window. This has enable the sunlight penetration. It creates a natural ambient that is in harmony with its grandiose interior.

I especially like its pillar design. It’s like a well grown tree with branches to support its roof. The tree alike pillar is very tall and created a very spacious feeling within the basilica. As a bonus, you can also visit the tower on Nativity facade for a unique city view of Barcelona.