Admire Vienna city view on top of Saint Stephen’s Cathedral

Saint's Stephen Cathedral Vienna city view

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the most iconic building in Vienna. This majestic cathedral is situated at the city center and easily accessible. It is also the best city lookup point in Vienna. You can admire this stunning city view upon reaching to the top of the tower.

Vienna’s building is uniquely adorned with different color roof tile. The amalgamation of heritage buildings with modern architecture contributes to the uniqueness of Vienna. How does it feel to breath on top of Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna while admiring the stunning city view? You will definitely appreciate this precious moment.

I especially like the multi-colored roof tile of this cathedral. The designer cleverly applies his sleight of hand to combine multi-colored tile to form unique pattern on the roof. I don’t see much cathedral in Europe adopting this technique. Perhaps you could share with us some other cathedral with similar design concept?

Side activities

Do consider investing some time to admire the cathedral interior for its architectural appreciation as well.

If you enjoy people watching, you could enjoy a cup of coffee at the nearby cafe. The crowd is constantly moving around the cathedral ensuring you having an enjoyable session. What a wonderful day is it to have such pleasure in life?

Pleasant surprise

There are several souvenir shop surrounding Saint Stephen’s Cathedral offering you a great selection of souvenir, ranging from magnet fridge to many other products. I find the souvenir is reasonably priced and comes with a great package deal. Don’t forget to take advantage on this package deal and get some souvenir for your loved one. They will definitely thank you upon receiving your souvenir!