Amazing Salzburg lookout point to admire its magical charm

Salzburg Lookout point from Fortress Hohensalzburg

There are 2 distinctive lookout point in Salzburg. The good news is it’s nearby to each other. Each of this lookout point offers different view because of its location. While you are looking out from one venue, the other lookout point will be captured in your view and vice versa. I find this quite interesting to juxtapose its unique distinctiveness. Some might prefer one over another lookout point. You are about to find out more about this competition!

Fortress Hohensalzburg

This fortress itself is a unique castle for your exciting exploration. The highlight of this fortress is its ability to provide a great terrace serving as a lookout point. It’s spacious and providing you an unobstructed viewpoint. I would rank this as the best lookout point at Salzburg. The featured image itself is taken from this lookout point. Let me know if you find another better alternative. Below are the photos taken from the right and left side of the fortress lookout point.

Winkler Terrace

This terrace is located outside of Museum der Moderne. You need to access this terrace via Monchsberg Lift. It’s easily accessible and you can dine at the restaurant on the hilltop for a splendid evening. The vantage point for this terrace is its ability to provide you the view of Fortress Hohensalzburg. It offers you another wonderful feeling gazing over this fortress from afar, admiring its unique design blending into its natural landscape.

Which venue successfully captured your attention and win as your first choice of Salzburg lookout point? Comment below and let me know why you prefer one over another. There could be some great sharing from you to provide more insights to the fellow readers on this website.