Amsterdam, the world’s famous canal city

Amsterdam, the Netherlands capital city and famous for its canal system. There are lots of boat and cruise being used as a mode of transport on its canal and plenty of cyclist cycling on the street. Very unique city scintillating its own charm.

The street and canal of Amsterdam

Justifying from the photos below, it’s not hard to believe how established is the canal system in Amsterdam. That’s the reason boat and cruise is one of the feasible alternative transportation mode. One can ride on to the bicycle for its second leg journey upon departed from the boat.

The Rijksmuseum

This is the largest museum in Amsterdam. It’s easy recognizable by its big iconic landmark as photo below. There are wide range of exhibition items inside the Rijksmuseum. I am surprised by the big library hidden inside the museum as shown in the fourth photo.

The mini museum

Another highlight of Amsterdam is there are many mini museum for you to visit. It varies from children friendly to adult rated, such as the sex museum. Due to readership appropriateness, i am only going to share two mini museum that i had visited in Amsterdam. Tulip museum and cheese museum. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Openness on red light district

Amsterdam red light district is also famous with adult service on the go. There are legalized prostitute wearing only underwear or sexy uniform standing behind the transparent glass for your selection. With full respect, photography of these scene are strictly prohibited.

As a replacement, i am going to show you a unique facility in the red light district for your guesstimate. Could you guess what is the purpose the below installed structure on the street?

The answer is male rest cubicle for the gentlemen to urinate. Quite open isn’t it? I am sure you will be surprised by the uniqueness of Amsterdam!