Astonish by the world’s most beautiful Austria national library

Austria national library

Unbelievable! This is the first word came across my mind upon entering Austria national library in Vienna. I can never imagine its beautiful interior without witnessing it. The grandiose interior certainly worth your time for a visit. Trust me. You will be astonished too when you pay a visit to this most beautiful library in the world.

I am not sure how old is the book stored in this library but it certainly looks ancient. A picture tells more than a thousand words. I am sure you will agree with me browsing through the photos taken in the library. No worry, photo taking is permitted with no flash.


It’s not easy to find this library. I am facing a little bit of challenge to locate it although i am using google maps mobile apps. One of the reason is because it’s hidden inside the building. It’s like a hidden gem awaiting for your discovery. To ease your search, i have taken a photo of the building whereby the library is hidden within. Search for this building. Upon entering this building, you will be able to find the library at your left hand side.

Pleasant surprise

The library itself is a pleasant surprise to me. Besides its marble pillar and antique wooden shelves, i admire the painting on the ceiling. It’s such a dedicated masterpiece and definitely worth mentioning. I managed to take some photo of the painting on the ceiling as below.

Are you convinced this is the world’s most beautiful library now? I cannot find a reason to reject this statement. Probably you will say the same too. Artistry and wisdom are manifested under one roof. The only drawback of this place is it’s not a library with proper chair and table for you to sit down comfortably and read a book. Perhaps it’s serving the purpose of archive to store the ancient books and treasures.