Athens Grand Parade in traditional costume

Athens Guard changing and Grand Parade ceremony in traditional costume is definitely a not to be missed event! To appreciate this special ceremony conducted in Athens Parliament guards beautiful traditional costumes, you must be present in the Syntagma square where the Parliament building is located. Take special note that it only happens every Sunday morning at 11 a.m.


The Guard changing ceremony

You will be welcomed with a big troop of guards ushered by a musical choir group to the Parliament building at the Syntagma square. Apparently, this big troop of guards and choir group started their journey from the other entrance to the Parliament building. You will figure out where is this other entrance if you are following the guard parade route. You are advised to come earlier than 11 a.m. if you want to have a unblocked view of the ceremony due to the large passionate crowds of visitors flocking to the Syntagma square at their earliest avenue.

Guard changing ceremony in progress


Taking a closer look to Parliament Guards in the traditional costume

Upon completion of the guard changing ceremony in front of the Parliament building, another excitement peak arises when the guards are departing from the square. This is the golden opportunity for you to grab the most strategic location to have a closer look to the traditional costume. I managed to figure out a great spot to witness this and take some nice photos and a video of this grand parade!

A very beautiful traditional costume!


Such intriguing design and artistic creation!


Special kick motion!


I am confident you will enjoy the below video recorded at the strategic location to have a closer look to the guards in action! A very special grand parade!

Please let me know have you enjoy this grand parade as much as i do?