Athens, the inspiration of western civilization

Athens, a city with plethora of ancient ruins and famous tales such as the legacy of Zeus, Athena or Poseidon. You should really pay a visit to their temples to appreciate the value of these tales. Or in another word, paying a tribute to the ancient God and Goddess?


Acropolis of Athens

This is the most prominent spot of Athens. A majestic temple constructed on the top of the sacred rock in the heart of the city. Beautifully illuminated at night to scintillates the grandiosity of the Acropolis, absolutely astounding! Of course, you should visit the Acropolis during the day time to appreciate its architectural wonders.

One of the temple in Acropolis


You are advised to visit the Acropolis either early in the morning (8:30 am) or late afternoon in order to avoid the crowd. The congestion of crowds has been intensified at the single entrance/exit narrow pathway at the pinnacle of the scared rock.  You certainly do not want to be kept standstill in the line and expense your time in the least impact scenario.


The Ancient Agora (providing a great view of The Acropolis)

Another must visit archaeological site besides Acropolis is Ancient Agora. This is a huge site with plenty of interesting spots to be discovered. The highlight of this place is the most well-preserved temple in the Athens is located here. It’s located at the left side of this side upon entering from the main entrance. You will find a preview of this temple as illustrated below.

The most well preserved temple

Standing here, you are able to capture a wonderful view of the Acropolis as well. Another benefit of visiting the Ancient Agora.


The Temple of Olympian Zeus (with a pleasant surprise)

Another famous temple standing by its own is the Temple of Olympian Zeus. You can catch a glimpse of the Acropolis from this place too. What I particularly like about this venue is the special ruin of a long pillar being displayed in a creative manner on the ground. Pay a visit to this temple in order to discover this pleasant surprise!

The majestic Temple of Olympian Zeus

Cost efficiency and time saving tips for the 7 archaeological sites

If you plan to visit several archaeological sites (7 in total), considering buying a bundled entrance ticket at 30 Euro that is valid for 5 days (one entrance per site instead of unlimited visits). The benefit of buying this bundled ticket is achieving cost efficiency in total and skipping the long queue at Acropolis entrance by buying this bundled ticket at other less crowded site. You might inadvertently bump into the other archaeological sites during your leisure stroll at the Monastiraki or Plaka area (just like what i did!).


Bonus! Going further away to the Temple of Poseidon (Cape Sounion)

There is another standalone temple located in Cape Sounion (about 65km away from Athens) that is definitely worthwhile visiting. It’s the Temple of Poseidon constructed on a cliff with panoramic sea view. The journey of travelling between Athens to Cape Sounion is an appetizer before reaching to the main course (Temple of Poseidon).

A great temple with stunning panoramic sea view


You will definitely enjoy Athens reminiscing the childhood ancient God tales!