Awake your innate 5 senses for quantum leap improvement

Each of us are born with innate senses enabling us the ability to experience this world. It’s a shame if we do not use these innate ability to its fullest extend. I believe many of you are aware of the senses but it could be in dormant. It’s crucial for us to awake these senses. Let’s examine these senses for better appreciation.


You don’t need concerted effort to awake this receptor because it’s a natural reflex to open your eyes once you wake up. However, many of us do not see in a way that attract the others. When you project your gaze on an object, you have to ensure you are showering profuse attention and emanating inquisitiveness. An empty gaze lacking in curiosity and conviction certainly demotivates. You do not need a beautiful eye to perform this.


I presume you are well informed on the disparity between “listening” vs. “hearing”. The foremost is a skill that need to be constantly turned on in our mind while the latter is effortless. I am sure you had experienced scenario whereby you are talking animatedly but the other person do not pay attention and ask you to repeat. Instant turn off! We need to respect the other person that is talking or else we are wasting our time.


What? Are you asking me to sniff like a dog when someone is talking to me? Of course not. It merely means we need to take care of our hygiene and ensure we don’t smell awkwardly. There are occasion whereby i need to calibrate a distance between the other person because he smells bad. You may consider using perfume if you perspire intensely.


Not all situation allows you to activate this receptor if you are referring this to the tongue. The main reason to talk about this sense is to enlighten you to be mindful of your tongue movement. Once, I met with someone that flaunts his muscular tongue at the wrong avenue. It includes unintentionally licking regardless of this muscular tool movement direction. Just make sure it is under control.


Whether you agree with me or not, everyone projects mysterious aura. It could be a manifestation of our mood, power or social status. I try to talk less when i am in bad mood in order not to upset anyone inadvertently. The latter tends to be supplementary personnel qualities that co-exist naturally with your life achievement.


You are the prerequisite for all senses. Without preparing and involving yourself actively, all these 5 senses will be hidden in the repertoire. You need to groom yourself according to the social etiquette. It’s proven personal grooming helps in achieving more success in life. You do not need to embellish yourself with luxurious ornament but dressing appropriately certainly scores merit. You also do not need to be the President of America in order to communicate effectively. You just need to ensure you are talking in the right setting, especially on your talking speed as explicated in my other post.