Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi majestic masterpiece

Sagrada Familia external

Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous landmark in Barcelona. Your trip to Barcelona is incomplete without visiting this majestic masterpiece of Gaudi. This Basilica is still building in progress although it has been started more than 100 years ago. Absolutely amazing!

Building in progress

You can see the example of building in progress photos below. The first photo is taken at the close up of its back entrance. The second photo is taken on top of tower on Nativity facade. I will provide the city view photos taken on this tower later.

Amazing interior design

I admit its external facade is less colorful than other cathedral. However, its interior design is amazing with colorful glass window. This has enable the sunlight penetration. It creates a natural ambient that is in harmony with its grandiose interior.

I especially like its pillar design. It’s like a well grown tree with branches to support its roof. The tree alike pillar is very tall and created a very spacious feeling within the basilica.

Tower on Nativity facade

There are only eight out of the total of eighteen towers are completed til date.¬†Four on the Nativity facade and the other four on the Passion facade. I have chosen to visit the tower on Nativity facade. It’s because of its ability to provide you a better city view of Barcelona.

You can also see the progress of construction at this tower, as illustrated in the second paragraph of this article.

Photo shoot advice

Due to its enormous size, it’s difficult for leisure visitor to capture the entire basilica in the photo. However, there is one quick and simple solution to this issue. You can walk across the street and behind of the lake to capture a full view of¬†Sagrada Familia. This lake across the street is illustrated in the third photo of Nativity facade city view above.

You can thank me later on this!