Bedazzled by Gaudi creation at the colorful Park Guell

Park Guell entrance

I am truly bedazzled upon reaching the monumental zone at Park Guell. It’s colorful, cheerful and lively. Words cannot describe my uplifted feeling. I am touched by the creativity of Gaudi creation at Park Guell. There is no other places like Park Guell at Barcelona.

Another vantage point of Park Guell is its facing to the ocean. Standing at the terrace, you will be enjoying the beautiful view of the city with the ocean as the backdrop. Sounds like a million dollar extravagant resort sea view, right?

The unique architecture at Park Guell is one of its kind. Very creative and fairy tale alike building. Sleight of hand of Gaudi is highly admired at Barcelona. This is one of the main attraction point drawing millions of visitor to Barcelona every year.

The famous chameleon

In the middle of this monumental zone, there is one famous chameleon. The chameleon sculpture is thoroughly covered with colorful tiles. I guess the chameleon will brings luck to those who visited him.

I have the luck to capture the below photo whereby a beautiful lady dressed in colorful attire is taking a photo with the famous chameleon. It must be a very happy chameleon i supposed?

Colorful decorative tiles

Gaudi has applies a wide spectrum of color on its decorative tiles to form creative pattern and illustration. You can notice this concept ubiquitously in this park. Even the most minutiae details has adopted this concept. The salient masterpiece is the famous chameleon located in the middle of the park. Another example is the colorful ceiling object as below.


Park Guell is famous and crowded tourist spot in Barcelona. You are strongly recommended to purchase entrance ticket in advance. If you are visiting from overseas, you can purchase the ticket via Park Guell website. I guarantee your visit will be time worthy!