Breathtaking Dachstein Mountain expedition

Dachstein Mountain view from the top

Dachstein Mountain is world famous for its breathtaking scenery view admiring from the zenith of the majestic mountain. It’s the mountains surrounding the beautiful Hallstatt lake that scintillates in charm and magical atmosphere. The featured image of this article definitely portrays the jaw dropping scenery beauty at Dachstein Mountain.

Fortunately, there is a comfortable cable car facility available to transport you effortlessly to the top of the Dachstein mountain. You may want to check in advance whether it’s covering with snow at the mountain top during your visit. During my visit in early September, I am not aware the mountain top is covers with snow and i am facing with a little bit of challenge to walk properly. Anyway, it did not reduce my excitement at all.

Upon exiting from the cable car station at the top of the mountain, you can proceed to the most famous lookout point named as “5 finger lookout”. You can walk to the end of any of its 5 fingers viewing platform for an unblocked 360 degree view of Hallstatt.

Here’s another landscape photos collection that provides you a wider angle view at the top of the mountain.


Dachstein Mountain might seems a little remote from the map. However, it’s quite accessible via train either departing from Salzburg or Vienna. I came to Hallstatt from Salzburg via two and a half hour train journey. Yes, it sounds like a long way. Nonetheless, the beautiful scenery along the journey will help you grinding through it effortlessly. Needless to say, the train ride is comfortable as usual. I couldn’t complain more.

Visiting Worthiness

At the scale from 0 (worthless) to 10 (Excellent), i would rank it at 10. Its modern cable car facility really helps tremendously to transport the visitor to the top of the mountain. The journey of this cable car ride has being dissected into several session. You can visit the stopover for other point of interest, such as the ice cave along the journey.

Pleasant surprise

I only realize the mountain top is covers with snow upon reaching the ticketing counter. It did surprised me when i step out from the cable car station at the top of the mountain with its sparkling white view almost everywhere. It’s definitely an unforgettable experience in my life!