Cais da Ribeira, happening waterfront area at River Duoro

Cais da Ribeira waterfront

Cais da Ribeira is a very happening waterfront area at Porto. The famous River Duoro ignites element of liveliness and excitement to this venue. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, shops and street performance at this lively area to fun filled your evening. Definitely a must visit place in Porto!

Bustling waterfront

There are many locals and visitors at this area for crowd watching and fun activities. During my visit, there are even few daring guys jumping from the bridge to the river! No joke! Look at the photos taken from this area below and you will be convinced on this bustling area vibes.

If you are lucky, you might caught some hot chic and guys along your stroll on this waterfront! You may refer to my last photo uploaded in this section to justify the hot guy appearance in this area.

Famous river cruise

There are six famous bridges built on top of this river. You visit will be incomplete without taking one of the famous river cruise to sight see all the six bridges. The most beautiful bridge built here is Ponte de Dom Luis, as shown in the feature image of this article. A very intricate double deck metal arch bridge!

The river cruise will lasts you about an hour, giving you an unforgettable experience of sailing underneath the famous bridges. You will also having the opportunity to admire the wonderful view along the river bank. Absolutely worth every pennies you spent on this cruise!

To end your lovely visit to this waterfront, you can opt to have a dinner here and simply enjoy the bustling vibes before winding up your day!