Castelo dos Mouros, ancient ruined castle in Sintra

Castelo dos Mouros looking at Pena Palace

Spectacular view, is a bonus point offers by this ruined castle. You can enjoy the breathtaking view over the region of Sintra while visiting this ruined castle. Such a classic example of killing two birds with stone. There are several elevated view point at its respective tower for your photography indulgence.

Safety first

In view of its altitude, you don’t want to fall and roll down to the bottom of the hill. Please take care of your safety while enjoying your visit. However, proper safety measure has been installed, such as the hand rail as shown in below photo to safeguard your interest.

Spectacular view over Sintra region

Here comes the exciting moment! I am going to show you what you are able to view from this ruined castle. It’s the reason why you should visit this place. Abundance of greenery and beautiful view! You can admire the view from the nearest tower along your journey.


You should be excited when you reach the first tower. However, you don’t need to be too aggressive. It’s because you will be spoiled by many viewing tower available for your selection along the pathway. Be cool and enjoy the moment!

Remember to wear a comfortable shoe as you need to walk from one tower to another tower to admire the view. And some inclination angle is rather steep for your exploration on this ruined castle.

Last but not least, do not forget to admire Pena Palace from this ruined castle. If you pay attention to the featured image, you can see the colorful Pena Palace at the right hand side of the photo. Have a pleasant day!