Chateau Versailles for a wonderful day trip from Paris

Chateau Versailles is a very beautiful palace. It’s a huge palace with many rooms and equipped with a large garden. You will definitely be impressed by the magnificence of this palace and enjoy the serenity while visiting its garden. Killing two birds with one stone. Such a brilliant choice!

Walking towards the Versailles

You need to walk a fair bit before reaching to this palace due to its large foot print. The first attention grabbing item would be its golden color gate. No one will miss this glittering gate due to its size and color. Smart choice of color to welcome its visitor.

The magnificent Versailles interior

As a palace, you can imagine how magnificent the interior could be. The ceiling of this palace is one of its highlight. The drawing on the ceiling is painted with vivid color to illustrate its majestic achievement. Very beautiful and a jaw dropping masterpiece.

The Versailles Hall Mirror

This is one of the highlight of the palace and became one of the most inspired hall design benchmark. As you can see from the photo below, its ceiling is beautifully painted with vivid color. Golden glittering element is omnipresent in the hall with many identical chandelier and large mirror to create beautiful reflection within the hall.

You can certainly spend some time to admire this spectacular hall and submerge yourself into the past with such grandiose embellishment. What is in your mind now? Are you imagining being a protagonist in a pompous shindig and scintillating sparkles within? Such an enjoyable occasion!

The large Versailles garden

There is a large garden area at the backyard of this palace. It’s so large that you can barely covering the entire garden area by foot. Fortunately, there is a tram service for you to ride on and enjoy the breeze in the garden. This would be a heaven for those who like to frolic among the greenery.

I would definitely recommend you to visit this palace due to its majestic appearance and its historical events. It’s definitely a worthwhile visit and create another unforgettable memory for you!