Clerigos church and tower for spectacular Porto city view

Clerigos church and Tower city view

Clerigos church in Porto is equipped with a high tower that provides you a spectacular city view. It’s the best lookout point in Porto considering the church itself is located at a high altitude, coupled with its tower height. This tower is easily recognizable from afar as shown below.

The church interior

Before climbing up to the tower, you can admire the interior of this church. It’s nicely built with many holy sculpture and statue. Quite magnificent interior i would agreed. Gold paint is being used to embellished portion of the church to ignite the sense of grandiose in this holy church.

The tower lookout point

Here comes the exciting part! This tower provides you a 360 degree view of the city. Porto city view is absolutely stunning from the top. Porto building is installed with red roof tiles and it projects lively vibes in the city. You can also view the river of Porto from this tower.

I find this city view an amalgamation of energetic and romantic scene due to the river of Porto is smacked between the tiny red roof buildings. I especially like the this city view with such unique setting. I believe you will fall in love with such lovely city view too!

You should have a fun filled trip to this holy church and tower. After this church visit, you can have a leisure walk down to the river of Porto. This downwards hill walk would be an easy saunter. Along the journey, you will be amazed with the liveliness of the city.

I had discover a very unique decoration made from recycled plastic bottles along my walk towards the Porto river. I really admire the creativity Porto can offers. Thoroughly touching and a moment of joy!

I assured you a great discovery journey along your walking pathway down to the Porto river!