Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill excitement

Colosseum is a world famous heritage that you must visit or your trip to Rome is considered incomplete! Its neighboring sites, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is definitely igniting the same excitement! There are so much to sight see at this area, and such astounding view is only available here, in Rome!

Here’s the sneak peak of this area that covers all three famous iconic landmark. Don’t worry, you will discover more on the subsequent paragraphs. I am sure you will be amazed by all these ancient ruins forming such spectacular juxtaposition!

The Colosseum

This is the most famous protagonist in this area. No one will ever miss this exciting place while visiting Rome. It’s the largest amphitheater ever built from brick faced concrete. Very solid and a spectacular place to witness by yourself. The historical reputation of this place is far beyond greatness.

Spend some time to admire its interior architecture and imagine yourself being one of the spectator of the gladiator performance at the ancient time. What is the feeling? You have to come here to experience this sparkling jewel of Rome!

Do not forget the other side of the Colosseum which is less published in the commercial advertisement. It’s equally beautiful from my opinion. You can justify its beauty at the last photo in this section.

The Roman Forum view from the the Palatine Hill

You can enjoy the overview of Roman Forum from the Palatine hill at a higher altitude. These archaeology sites are simply astonishing with its unimaginable juxtaposition of the ancient ruins. Such scenery is only available here and you can’t find it elsewhere. I am sure about this!

Look at the photos below, do you feel the same excitement i experienced while visiting this wonderful place? Some friend of mine mention this place look exactly like a real life computer war game stimulated scene. If you are a fan of all these computer war game, i am sure you will be impressed by this scene too!

I am utterly flabbergasted by this unimaginable scene contributed by all these world famous iconic landmark in Rome. I recommend you to pay a visit to this place in order to truly appreciate its excitement! I guarantee you will feel the same way too!