Creepy Ossuary, Bone church in Prague

Creepy Ossuary, Bone church in Prague is really a creepy church! I think this is the only creepy travel destination i am posting this far. You are surrounded by the creepiness at its maximum level once you step into this church. This is a idiosyncratic church that is being decorated with human bone and skull!

There are many creative ways to form decoration using human bone and skull. You can admire the creativity in silence and i am not sure what will be running in your mind upon discovering the creepiness of this article. I had clearly indicated its creepiness at the article title and further justified with its feature image.

The entrance

Let’s start the challenge from the mild level at its entrance. As you can see in the photo below, you need to buy and pay for the entrance ticket for sure. And it’s being guarded by several human skulls without the eyeball. Don’t you dare to cheat and sneak into this place!

The creative human bone and skull decoration

Don’t blame me if you decided to read further on this article because i am going to show you many more creepy creation from human bone and skull! It will wrecks your nerve and last you an impression that will haunt you for the rest of your life! Well, perhaps i am exaggerating too much here.

Did you survive this creepy challenge? If you manage to enjoy every single human bone and skull decoration photo above, you have succeed this challenge! Congratulations for testing your bravado and proven that i am not an unusual individual because i had decided to visit this place despite its reputation as the creepiest church in Prague!

I would suggest you to visit the real venue in order to fully appreciate the creepiness and make it once in your life time experience. But i do not provide insurance for your visit, it’s all on your own risk. Enjoy your creepy visit and bless you with a safe trip!