Dine at Sobrino de Botin, world oldest restaurant in Madrid

Restaurant wall decoration

Have you ever wonder which and when is the earliest restaurant in the world is founded? Seek no more further, the answer is Sobrino de Botin founded in 1725! According to the Guinness Book of Records, it’s the oldest restaurant continuously operating in the world. It’s such an honor to have an opportunity to dine here!

By the time i reach, it’s already late evening. Hence, the entrance photo i am showing here is a little bit dark. Very vintage look even at its entrance. Please pardon me on the brightness level of this photo.

Dining area interior

Considering it’s the oldest restaurant in the world, i didn’t expect fancy decoration at its interior. True enough, the interior of this restaurant provides you an nostalgic feel. Very authentic and comforting. You will definitely enjoy the interior of this restaurant, while imagining the time and moment lapsed through this restaurant.

Signature dish and drink

This long standing restaurant provides a variety of dishes and drinks for your selection. The signature dish that you must try (Non muslim) is the Roasted suckling pig. Absolutely delicious dish in western style. Although Chinese dish is also famous with suckling pic, this is another way of cooking and a must try dish!

For the drink, the most common one is the the house wine, selling at very economic price. I felt my heart beat started to increase upon consuming the wine. But it’s a perfect match with the cold weather outside of the restaurant. I especially like its bottle design, highlighting its founding year at 1725!

It felt like an wonder to dine here with such heritage. I definitely recommend an unforgettable dining experience here. Considering its almost 300 years old history, what else could you ask for more?