Discover Hundertwasser creative artistry and architecture

Museum Hundertwasser

Hundertwasser creation emphasizes the life in harmony with the nature. He uses a variety of colored tile and non conformance shape to build his creation. You won’t see a perfect square in his creation. Very unique, out of the box and amazingly creative.

Museum Hundertwasser

The famous Hundertwasser exhibition center is located at Museum Hundertwasser, the “Kunst Haus Wien”. Its’ a non linear and non conformance facade building. It’s located at the mid section of a row of building, accessible from two entrance. The entrance facing the main road will lead you to a cafe. While the opposite entrance will lead you directly to the museum.

Many intriguing creation are displayed in the museum. However, photo taking is not permitted in this museum. With full respect to Hundertwasser, i comply to this rule. If not, I would be taken more photos and upload into this website for sharing purpose. You can discover more about Hundertwasser in the embedded link.

You can also enjoy a moment of relaxation at its cafe, adopting his style in its interior design.


Another nearby attraction is the House of Hundertwasser, the “Hundertwasserhaus”. It is only within few minutes walking distance away. You can only view and admire this artistic facade building from the outside. It’s consider an oasis within the heart of Vienna with trees and plants blending into the building.

In my opinion, this building can be uplifted for more appealing appearance. Perhaps the intention is to preserve its originality.

There are plethora of shops surrounding this area for your saunter down the road. Perhaps you can find some interesting souvenir along your interesting discovery path.