Eiffel tower, Paris most romantic icon with fantastic city view

Eiffel Tower city view feature image

Eiffel tower is the most romantic icon in Paris, perhaps in the world. It’s the highest wrought iron structure in Paris and the mostly discussed icon related to romance, worldwide! Many marrying couple also enjoy taking their wedding photo shoot with this iconic landmark for their sweetest memory.

Another point worth highlighting is its fantastic city view over the Seine river from the lookout point located at the top of the tower. It’s a must visit lookout point to admire the unimaginable romantic city view. You are advised to come here early to avoid the crowd queuing to access to the top of Eiffel tower.

The lookout point at the top

I am very excited to ride the elevator to the top of the tower to admire the fantastic city view. Paris is such a romantic place and the city view will surely take your breath away. I am fully satisfied with Paris city view offered from this tower lookout point.

I especially like the blue roof tile of Paris buildings, contributed to the romance atmosphere. The Seine river water is crystal blue during my visit in Summer. Let’s enjoy the most romantic Paris city view photos below!

The Eiffel tower elevator

You may be curious to know how to access to the top of Eiffel tower? Well, the best way is to ride the elevator up to the top. This is the reason why the queue is so long because many visitor are waiting to take this elevator ride to the top. I had recorded a descending journey video of one of its elevator ride.

I reckon it’s not more than 50 sqft in footprint? The good news is it’s equipped with transparent glass window for you to look out for the city view in motion.

The Seine River cruise

With this clear river water, i shall not waste my opportunity to ride on the river cruise. You can admire the beautiful architecture along the river bank on this cruise. The famous┬áNotre Dame Cathedral is visible from this cruise too. It’s another not to be missed and enjoyable river cruise.

Eiffel Tower lighting show at night

I did not expect such wonderful lighting show is performed on Eiffel tower at night. Make sure you come back at night to enjoy this sparkling Eiffel tower performance. Very beautiful and romantic to witness such gigantic iron structure twinkling, just like the stars on the sky.

You can see the transformation of Eiffel tower during the day, evening and night with the twinkling effect in the photos below. Amazingly beautiful!

I have also recorded a video on the twinkling Eiffel tower at night for your perusal as below. Although it’s just a short video clip but i believe you will enjoy this beautiful moment!

Do not miss this beautiful Eiffel tower in the romantic city of Paris!