Enchanted by Casa Batllo, Gaudi Barcelona

Casa Batllo building exterior with face mask shape

Standing in front of Casa Batllo, it’s like you are staring at a building with many eyes. The shape of the masque alike balcony is skillfully crafted to create this illusion.  Gaudi enchanting creation will never cease to amaze its audience.

Casa Batllo is located at the busy street of Passeig de Gracia. However, you can easily recognizable this unconventional building. Let’s do a quiz. Can you identify Casa Batllo in this photo? I am sure the answer is Yes!

Venturing into Casa Batllo

Here comes the exciting moment! You are going to submerge yourself into Gaudi’s creative realm. Asymmetrical, out of ordinary shape and unconventional figures are ubiquitous. Colorful tile is also used to embellish the objects in his world.

Even the ceilings of the building is not a boring flat surface. It’s being shaped like a vortex whereby its center of gravity is fixated with a beautiful lamp. The first floor of the building is a large hall equipped with big window. You can admire the busy crowd on Passeig de Gracia and enjoy its street view.

Creative roof

Similar like Casa Mila, its roof is equipped with a creative chimney and other objects. The top of the chimney is artistically decorated with colorful pattern and illustration. The only down side of this chimney is its tiny opening might not fit Santa Claus during Christmas. Joking!

The roof frontage is being crafted like the spine of a dragon with its scale shaped tiles. You will see how it blends into the animation during its show time. It’s where an exciting legend will be unfold in front of you.


If you are visiting from the overseas, you can purchase entrance ticket in advance online. This is important to secure your preferred visit time slot. Casa batllo website is beautifully designed. It also provides useful information before the actual visit. Are you still in hesitation? Don’t miss a chance in your lifetime to visit Casa Batllo!