Every word is worth of my audience attention

Read out this sentence in your mind:” Every word is worth of my audience attention.”

Repeat it again, and again.

Yes, i am not joking with you.

It never ceases to amaze me on how fast people is talking. Their incessant words are pouring out from their mouth as if the Apocalypse is imminent. We are not serving the purpose of communication. We do not understand each other effectively. The words are blazing through your audience at bullet train speed. Your audience is unable to comprehend your message. He or she will be frustrated and standing there helplessly, just like the girl in the photo.

English is a beautiful language and we must learn to appreciate it. Therefore, please slow down your talking speed. I really mean it. You have all the time in the world to talk with your audience, as long as the earth spins. You are bestowed with a gift on every opportunity to communicate. Do not waste it. It’s an orchestration that is worthy of your spectator time and attention. You are the protagonist in this performance and you are responsible to induce joy in communicating with other people.

I have a golden opportunity to listen to a multi billion dollars revenue company CEO delivering his speech . I must say he really appreciate and practice speed control in his speech. He talks slowly, yet captivating without a smidgen of boredom. An exemplary model!

You will exude confidence when you communicate in a controlled speed. You also allows time for your delicate brain to carefully select the most appropriate word to deliver your message. Try it out and i promise you will experience a delightful communication session in your next encounter!