Fascinated by Casa Mila, Gaudi creative masterpiece

Casa Mila external

Casa Mila is also famously known as La Pedrera, the stone quarry. It’s another creative masterpiece by Gaudi in Barcelona. Truly original and fascinating. The hidden surprise of this building is its structure at the roof top. You are about to unfold the mystery now. Be prepared!

A functioning living apartment

This building is also a functioning living apartment. I can’t imagine the fortune of the residents here. They can admire this wonderful creation everyday. Hence, please practice some discretion at the public area. You want to avoid a surprise from the wrong reason.

Unfolding the mystery

Your fascination continue at the roof of this building. The surprising structure mentioned earlier is the individually designed chimney. Each of this chimney was created in different shape. Absolutely brilliant artistry. I am utterly amazed because i can never imagine chimney with such intricacy.


At the roof, you can also admire a 360 degree Barcelona city view. Killing two bird with one stone. Are you excited to visit Casa Mila now? You probably should!

Exhibition center

Descending from the roof, you will continue your visit to its exhibition center. This area is located beneath the hemisphere roof structure. You will be granted an unforgettable experience. Interesting items are on display in this area, inclusive of Casa Mila building model.


If you are visiting from the overseas, you can purchase entrance ticket in advance online. This is important to secure your preferred visit time slot. Casa Mila website is beautifully designed. It also provides useful information before the actual visit. Are you still in hesitation? Don’t miss a chance in your lifetime to visit Casa Mila!