Florence, an unforgettable destination in Italy

Florence, is a wonderful city bestows with high renaissance masterpiece with plethora of monuments and buildings for your admiration. One can easily satiate his/her fascination in this city. Walking around this historical city and uncovering the hidden gems within the city is a sheer pleasure.

Piazzale Michelangelo

This is a must visit place if you are visiting Florence. It’s a large open space terrace located at the hilltop. You can admire the spectacular city view of Florence here. Once can easily recognize this place with its famous Michelangelo replica statue as shown in the photo below.

One will never forget Florence city view obtainable from this place. Such beautiful juxtaposition of the heritage buildings surrounded by the majestic mountain as the scenery backdrop. I can smell the high renaissance particles permeate within the air in Florence. You should come here to experience this wonder too!

Did you just fall in love with this wonderful panoramic view too? This place is also famous for wedding photo shoot. I bumped into a couple taking their wedding photo shoot during my visit too. Such a lovely place!

Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiore

This cathedral is named as Duomo too. This is the only cathedral with such magnificent dome in the entire Florence. You can easily spot this iconic building in the panoramic city view in the photos above. It gains its reputation with its unique wall design in repetition of rectangular shape pattern.

Visiting the piazza

There are piazza (or square in plain English) available in the heart of Florence. You can meander in this historical city and its piazza for your leisure activities. Some of the famous piazza are Piazza del Duomo (where the Duomo is), Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza Signoria. Again, you will bump into lively statue at some of the piazza.

Ponte Vecchio

This is the most prestigious bridge in Florence. Reason being there are shops on this bridge selling a variety of merchandise, inclusive the expensive watches and jewelry. It’s already night time when i reach this bridge due to my day time indulgence. Hence, i am only able to show you the photo of this bridge at night, still looking good right?

I am really impressed by Florence due to its unique charm and the stupendous panoramic city view at Piazzale Michelangelo. Don’t you fall in love with the view too? Perhaps you can consider to be one of the marrying couple taking the wedding photo shoot here too!