Frankfurt city stroll to discover its unique charm

Frankfurt is easy to be navigated on foot because it’s pedestrian friendly city. There are plenty landmark to be discovered but i will highlight a few that represents the unique charm of Frankfurt. The visitor to Frankfurt can come to these places of interest to spend your leisure day in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Romer

It’s a square located at the heart of the city and it’s one of the most important landmark in Frankfurt due to its heritage. You can admire the unique building design from the photo below. I especially like the crisscross illustration painted at the exterior of the building, giving you an impression of a strongly fortified wall.

The surrounding of Main river banks

There are many modern architecture along the Main river banks. You can walk around the river banks pedestrian pathway safely for your leisure saunter. You can have a dining session on the cruise during the evening on the river. The brown color building at the first photo is the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, which you can visit too.

The love lock bridge

If you are on a sweet vacation with your lover, you can look for this love lock bridge. It’s a huge bridge and you will not miss it while walking along the river bank. Look at the photo below, isn’t it just look romantic with all these love locks?

The modern MyZeil shopping complex

This is a very special modern shopping complex that i must highlight!

You should come here to admire it’s modern transparent glass amalgamation into the entire shopping complex structure. It’s carefully designed and fabricated to presents its intricacy within the complex. I am sure those who is interested with modern architecture will fall in love with this complex!

In short, there are plenty to see here. Come here to embrace the unique charm of Frankfurt!