Chimney wonderland at Guell Palace Barcelona

Guell Palace Chimney feature image

You can have fun time at Guell Palace admiring its colorful chimney at its roof top. Trust me! I am very excited to visit Guell Palace because i never had an opportunity to sight such beautifully crafted chimney elsewhere. It’s only available at this palace. In human height size!

It’s like entering to another fairy tale alike world when you are surrounded by these beautiful chimney. You can sight it in many different design at its roof top. Another amazingly creative art of Gaudi! This feature already worth the visit to this palace.


Before exploring into the chimney wonderland, let’s explore some other floors in this palace. This palace is not as big as the other palaces i have visited before. It’s smacked between buildings at a row of shops near the famous La Rambla street. Absolutely easily accessible!

There are a underground dungeon, and other hall and room built with iron and wood elements. You can admire all these floors before proceeding to the highlight of this palace.

Chimney wonderland

As you climb floor by floor to visit this palace, you are closer to the roof top. Be prepared and get excited with all these creative chimney! You are about to have a very fun time here. Be spoiled with plenty of uniquely designed chimney!

Pleasant surprise

Upon finishing the exciting roof top visit, you can end your palace visit at its souvenir shop. It’s located at the ground floor before the exit. You can find a variety sizes of chimney mini sculpture on sale. It ranges from palm size fridge magnet to half arm length’s model.

I had bought several items for my friends and family members. I am satisfied with this souvenir highlighting Barcelona unique flavor! Perhaps it’s a great idea for you to grab some souvenir here too. I am sure your friends and family members will thank you later!