Galata Tower for impressive Istanbul panoramic city view

Galata Tower is the one and only tall tower located in the heart of Istanbul. Everyone will notice its presence effortlessly with it sky piercing appearance due to the surrounding building is not tall. This is the best venue in Istanbul for an unobstructed panoramic city view.

It’s an ancient tower with limited space on the observation pathway on the top. Hence there is a limitation of visitor capacity at any one time. The pathway surrounding the tower peripheral is also one of the narrowest among all of the other tower i had visited. I reckon it can only allow 2 persons passing by at any one time.

However, it’s still safe to be on the top of the tower for you observe this beautiful city view of Istanbul.┬áThis place is perfect to be visited during the day time for a clear city view and during the evening for a romantic view. You can take a ride on the elevator to take you to the top of the tower. The elevator is quite small, and it can only fit few people at one time.

If you are visiting during the peak hour, expect long queue due to the space constraint on the top. I need to wait for about an hour although I am visiting in the late afternoon.

Visitor queuing for the tower visit

Once you reach to the top of the tower, be prepared to enjoy the impressive panoramic city view of Istanbul. I strongly convinced that the wait is worthwhile, and you will definitely enjoy the same. Here comes the impressive Istanbul city view photo!


I hope you will like the panoramic city view because I enjoyed it very much!