Hallstatt, one of the most beautiful small town in Austria

Hallstatt picture spot

To the passionate traveler, you should definitely visit Hallstatt. It’s being ranked as one of the most beautiful small town in the world. Bird chirping and swan frolicking on the lake is a welcoming scene upon your arrival to this picturesque venue. You will not regret spending a day in this lovely small town while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Hallstatt can offers one the best lake view in Europe surrounded by majestic mountain.


Hallstatt might seems a little remote from the map but it’s quite accessible via train either departing from Salzburg or Vienna. I came to Hallstatt from Salzburg via two and a half hour train journey. Yes, it sounds like a long way but the beautiful scenery along the journey will help you grinding through it effortlessly. Needless to say, the train ride is comfortable as usual. I couldn’t complain more.

Visiting Worthiness

At the scale from 0 (worthless) to 10 (Excellent), i would rank it at 9. Why? Simply because one can install more directional guide, e.g. sign board to provide better navigation guide. Explanation on the specific point of interest and its rich heritage would be appreciated too. Of course, some would argue we don’t need that. However, it will definitely helps the first time visitor to have a splendid stay in Hallstatt.

Pleasant surprise

Another point worth highlighting is the people living in Hallstatt is generally welcoming and friendly. I even had a chat with a local guy that approaches me while i am waiting for my train departing back to Salzburg. It was a lovely chat to ends my wonderful evening in Hallstatt. I regretted that i missed the chance to take a photo together with this guy for my remembrance. Who knows we might bump into each other again in the future?