Harvest 5 unique value to remain competitive

Human being creates unique value to remain competitive in this topsy-turvy world. We need to constantly improve our value creation skill. No excuse. You need to propel forward in this tiding wave or risk being replaced. In this ever evolving world, we are not just risking being replaced by other foe. The emerging of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) development has created astounding robot that could substitute not just labor intensive task, but complex resolution. Type “Sophia, the humanoid robot” in google search and i am sure you will be amazed by this intrigue technological advancement.

So, how do we remain competitive and creating value? Here’s the 5 C-suits quality that will be your valuable skill sets.


Human are innate with curiosity since we are born. Look at the new born baby who radiate curiosity to every single object. Incessantly reaching out to new frontier every day to seek and gain new knowledge. This is the quality that distinguish successful achiever from mediocrity. Unfortunately, many of us are loosing the luster of this quality as days passing by. You definitely need to restore this quality to create more value in life.


You don’t need to be an artist to become creative. It simply means thinking out of the box to produce creative or innovative solution. We are bogged down by issues and it stumbled us to think in a creative manner. To restore our creativity, have a short break or a good vacation to temporarily release yourself from daily stress. You might just giving yourself a chance to experience an “aha” eureka moment when the spark ignites!


Have you ever being spellbound by someone through their avid presentation? He who manages to captivate one’s attention via enthusiasm is heading towards success. When you speaks with conviction, people will be attracted and believe in you. This belief is instrumental in constructing an invisible bridge that allows you to reach into his psyche. With this bridge, you are able to access to the core of the issue. Hence, achieving value creation via enticing proposition right to the linchpin.


We all yearn for someone who are empathetic and understand our predicament. You will discern yourself from the others if you truly appreciate and practice this quality. Don’t be afraid of loosing your competitiveness because you are merely allowing the natural human behavior comes into the play. This essential quality build trust within us and unite our strength. As a leader, this is especially important when you wield this wand at the correct moment to gain clout.


One of the utmost important quality that take years to build. You need to invest sufficient resource to build this before it yields into fruition. Caveat, you must be very careful along the journey because it just takes a split of second to ruin all of your invested effort. A little bit of schmoozing skill could gain you favor on this topic. Always strike for excellence will certainly gain monumental speed.