The hidden jewels of Amalfi Coast from Sorrento

I promise this is an exciting article, revealing the hidden jewels of Amalfi Coast from Sorrento. Amalfi Coast is such a beautiful place facing the incredibly blue Tyrrhenian Sea. I started the journey from Sorrento because it’s connected via Circumvesuviana train and one of the best way to reach this amazing coast.


Stopping at Sorrento, you can have a relaxing saunter in this peaceful town. You can also stroll along its main street, Corso Italia or admiring its sea view at Marina Grande. There is a cliff alike piercing into the sea illusion at this view point as shown in the photo below.

From here, you can take the SITA bus or rent a car to continue your exciting journey to the remaining places of interest! I am writing this article in the sequence of the SITA bus route for your easy reference.


This is my favorite part of the Amalfi coast. I never see such beautiful place before whereby so many colorful buildings are built along the steep hill path and it’s so near to the sea. Such breathtaking view proving Italian are such clever people utilizing almost every inch of the space available in this tiny footprint.

The best part is you can literally walk down to the black sand beach at the foot of the hill and embrace the sea breeze and submerge yourself into total relaxation! Be careful not to go too close to the sea because the sea water can be splashing to you unexpectedly.

Don’t forget to stop by any interesting shop along your walking path towards the black sand beach!


The is another beautiful place for you to totally forget about all of the daily issues in life when you are here! You can walk to the end of the extruded pier towards the open sea and toss away all your mental burdens momentarily. Just enjoy the moment at this beautiful place!


This is the last stop. You will end your journey with a spectacular Tyrrhenian sea view at Villa cimbrone terrace of infinity. Does this name already impress you before your mind starting to imagine the magnificence of this terrace? Don’t hold your imagination, let it wonders wild and hold your breath while i present it to you!

If you are a fan of the 2017 movie “Wonder Women”, you might recall a scene similar to this. Do you remember the place she is standing and staring towards when the helpless plane is plunging through the mist protecting the sacred island at the beginning part? You might be surprised on this!

This place is also one of the celebrities’ favorite vacation venue, who knows you might be lucky and bump into one?

I am completely amazed by Amalfi coast and it exceeded my expectation. I will definitely recommend everyone to visit this coast to garner an unforgettable experience in your lifetime! Don’t you fall in love with the view offered by Amalfi Coast too?