Karlovy Vary spa town, famous celebrity destination

Karlovy Vary, such a beautiful name for this spa town hidden in Prague. It’s also a famous celebrity destination whereby there is one celebrities’ favorite hotel. I will disclose more about this hotel in the later part of this article because we are supposed to concentrate on this charming town first!

The relaxing environment

This town is remote from Prague city area and you will be surrounded by abundance of greenery and relaxing environment. One can easily forget all the issues and stress from the city upon reaching this charming town. The air is fresh and you can drink the water from the designated tap due to its richness in mineral content.

The Grandhotel Pupp

Here comes the paparazzi favorite topic. The Grandhotel Pupp! This is the most majestic hotel in Karlovy Vary and it’s celebrities’ favorite. It could be one of the best hotel in entire Europe too. You can find some celebrity name carved on the footpath to signifies its reputation.

Finding the deer jump statue in Karlovy Vary

There are many hiking trails in Karlovy Vary. If you are a outdoor activities fan, you will definitely fall in love with this charming town. Although I am not a fan of hiking but i must try one because i am already in this charming town. My mission is to find the famous deer jump statue hiding at Jeleni Skok, the Deer Leap lookout point.

Beside the benefit of inhaling fresh air and rejuvenating my youth, the reward from this hiking is to observe a calming view of Karlovy Vary from a higher altitude, somewhere hidden in the hill. Sounds like an interesting and challenging adventure, right? Eventually, i succeeded my mission and i am very proudly presenting my reward to you!

Such a proud looking deer and breathtaking Karlovy Vary view. It’s absolutely breathtaking because i am literally short of breath hiking in the hill to hunt for this little deer statue! Attempted Joke! Does it work?

The Diana Tower lookout point

If you fancy another lookout point, you can visit The Diana Tower located at the top of another hilltop. It’s an easier journey with funicular facility. You can reach the top effortlessly and no short of breath situation again, i promise.

Due to it’s located at higher altitude, you are observing the town from another perspective and can see further horizon too. You can see some glittering gold plated cupolas in the first photo if you have a sharp eye. This hidden treasure be revealed in the next paragraph.

The Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul

There is another hidden treasure in Karlovy Vary. It’s the beautiful Russian style church as named above. I especially like its gold plated cupola, not just one, but five in total! It’s painted in harmonious amalgamation of white and blue, embellished with golden glittering element, clever design!

I enjoyed a relaxing day visiting this little charming and tranquil spa town. I believe my youth has been rejuvenated at the slightest level upon drinking its mineral content rich water and inhaling much fresh air along my hiking. You should try Karlovy Vary too!