Lisbon Castle, Castelo de Sao Jorge for a great city lookout

Castelo de Sao Jorge, the castle of Lisbon provides you an amazing city view. You are able to admire this view because the castle is located at highest hill in Lisbon. You will have an enjoyable walking journey towards the top of the hill.

Lisbon city view is quite reddish in terms of its building roof tiles are in red. I love this vibrant roof tile colors. It makes Lisbon lively. The landscape of Lisbon also allow building to be juxtaposed nicely and form this wonderful city view. Absolutely wonderful lookout point.

Due to its large area, you need to walk and climb quite many staircases in order to explore this castle. It’s worthwhile for you to explore this castle at your own pace. Different spot of the castle will offers you distinguished view that you can’t get elsewhere.

This castle occupies a large area with many amenities for your pleasant visit. Cafe and restaurant are also available for your dining rendezvous at this lookout point. You can spend a wonderful day here discovering the pleasure offers by this castle.

Camera Obscura at Ulysses Tower

Make sure you don’t miss this fun spot! There is one secret tool hidden inside Ulysses Tower, known as Camera Obscura. It’s a big spherical plate hidden in a dark room facing a small opening hole at the top. The dark room is pretty small, you will need to queue to get into the room according to the demonstration schedule.

Using the reflection concept, it’s able to provide you a real time 360 degree view of Lisbon at a magnified scale. It’s like a spy tool for me, very interesting and┬ádefinitely a fun discovery! You can look at the photo below to view the city reflection on this big plate.

Lastly, remember to wear comfortable shoe to explore this castle!