London eye for a spectacular city view over Thames River

London eye feature image

London eye, the gigantic Ferris wheel mounted along the river bank of Thames River is one of the most prominent landmark in London. Its futuristic oval shape passenger capsule is one of its kind and absolutely amazing. You can sight the spectacular city view through the transparent glass on the passenger capsule.

I am very excited to ride on this futuristic London eye Ferris wheel passenger capsule. It’s a must try experience for all visitor to London to satiate your curiosity and hunger for excitement. I am sure you won’t be disappointed to ride on this engineering marvel and experience an unforgettable moment of life!

The passenger capsule

It’s futuristic, modern, and simply astounding piece of design! As you can see in the photos below, you can’t find such passenger capsules design in other Ferris wheel. This unique design become the main reason for London eye to obtain such popularity.

It’s quite spacious inside the passenger capsule. Hence, you won’t be having the lack of space feeling that is prevalent in the traditional Ferris wheel ride. One passenger capsule can easily more than a dozen of passenger and yet it’s still spacious!

You can choose to sit comfortably along your journey or become one of the excited passenger that constantly moving from one side to the other side to admire the view outside of the capsule. Of course, i am the latter one because i am way too excited to be idling in the capsule!

The city view over Thames River

From the capsule, you are able to view the spectacular city view over the Thames River. This is absolutely exciting to me because the objects beneath are shrinking when the capsule is ascending. Every ascending and descending motion of the capsule provides you a different angle.

I am thoroughly satisfied with London eye Ferris wheel ride. I am sure you will be having the same feeling too. Enjoy the ride!