Madrid city view at Tartan roof, Circulo de Bellas Artes

Madrid city view

I am truly impressed by Madrid city view offered by Tartan roof located at the 7th floor of Circulo de Bellas Artes. One of the best lookout point in Madrid. However, this art center entrance is smacked between shops in a row of building. You have to pay attention to locate its entrance.

To ease your navigation, you can look for the prominent metropolis building with the black statue on top of its dome as shown in the featured image. Circulo de Bellas Artes art center is located at the right hand side of this building when you are standing in front of it facing the road. The corner lot of this row of shop is occupied by a cafe.

Going up to the 7th floor

Upon entering this building, you need to purchase a ticket at the ticketing booth and take a lift ascending to the roof. It’s a small lift and can’t fit many people in one trip. I am lucky because it’s not too crowded during my visit. You will greet by a spectacular Madrid city view upon exiting from the lift. Let’s go for the photos now!

There is also a bar at the roof for you to enjoy a drink while admiring Madrid city view. You can also have a romantic dining experience here in the evening with this this lovely view! I am sure your partner will be surprised by this view while enjoying the sweet rendezvous.

Pleasant surprise

I had a peaceful moment while observing this lovely city view. The terrace area is not big and not crowded during my visit. I am not really sure whether I am visiting at non peak hour or not many visitor is aware of this lookout point. I would definitely recommend this place for those who want to enjoy Madrid city view!