Majestic cafe, the most beautiful cafe in Porto

Majestic cafe Porto

Majestic cafe is the world renown most beautiful cafe in Porto, Portugal. In fact, it’s also ranked as one of the Top 10 most beautiful cafe in the world! I am giving my testimonial to support this statement as well. This cafe really embellished with world class decoration and got my “wow”!

The beautiful cafe shop front

You simply can’t miss this beautiful cafe shop front. Its guarded by a pair of lively sculptured statue giving you the warmest welcome ever to this cafe. With its golden color glittering “MAJESTIC CAFE” wording on the glass, you will definitely be impressed before entering to the cafe.

The cafe interior

The interior of this cafe has been embellished with the best in class decoration to surround you with majestic atmosphere amidst your enjoyable dining experience. Lively sculpture as its main adornment, heritage element with wooden framed mirror and its skillfully crafted ceiling will leave you in awe.

The waiters and waitress are wearing very elegant uniform in this cafe. They exude tip top professionalism while serving you with utmost enthusiasm. You will definitely felt your presence is welcomed and worth all the pennies you spent here. Without a single doubt on it!

Food and beverages

You are also spoil with plenty of food and beverages choices. Choose whatever you like, and you will savor it within its lovely ambiance. I ordered an pumpkin soup as my starter, followed by smocked duck as my main course. Ending my lovely dining experience with an vintage wine displaying on a Piano, as shown in the last photo.

I absolutely enjoyed my dining experience in this cafe! You should come here to experience it at least once in your lifetime to appreciate the majestic heritage offers by Porto in Portugal. No regret!