Mesmerize yourself in Salzburg, sparkling jewel of Austria

Mirabell Garden overlooking at Fortress Hohensalzburg

Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart, one of the world famous composers in the western music history. You could imagine the fortune bestowed upon Salzburg with such reputable figure. Flocks of visitor are stepping their foot into Salzburg just to pay their tribute to Mozart and experience the wonders of Salzburg. I did the same and probably you should too.

Getreidgasse Shopping Street

This is the most famous street in Salzburg whereby plethora of interesting handicraft are on sale. You could easily find your souvenir for your loved one. I am especially attracted by the ubiquitous iron sign that is uniquely crafted and designed to suits each of the shop style. Take your time to meander and enjoy the wonderful moments here. There are also nearby square for you to continue your exploration if you have a bigger appetite for shopping. Another highlight is Mozart’s Birthplace & Museum (Geburtshaus) is also located at the heart of the main street. Its’ an interesting building for you to appreciate Mozart’s culture.

Mirabell garden

I fancy this garden with its masterfully designed landscape, decorated with colorful flowers. My mood was instantaneously uplifted upon stepping into this garden. It is also an excellent photo shoot venue due to its perfect environment. With the majestic Fortress Hohensalzburg on the hilltop and its surrounding buildings, it provides one of its kind setting that you can’t find elsewhere. I am sure you will find a sweet photo spot for you to snap a moment of your time here.

You should also visit other point of interest that interest you along your journey. I would recommend you to visit at least one of the Salzburg lookout point, whereby one of it is located at the terrace of Fortress Hohensalzburg, killing two birds with one stone.

Your trip to Salzburg is incomplete without an unforgettable dining experience at the fabulous Stieglkeller restaurant. I am sure you will find yourself flabbergasted by the beautiful view offered by this restaurant. Indulge yourself and earn you bragging right!