Milan, the exciting metropolis of Italy

Milan, world’s famous metropolis of Italy. It’s Italy’s capital city and acts as the hub for fashion, design and finance. One can easily imagine the excitement lies within this metropolis with its reputation. I am more attracted to the unique buildings nested within the heart of Milan.

Milan Cathedral

As illustrated in the feature image, it’s a largest cathedral in Italy. Designed in Gothic style and absolutely stunning when you appreciate in near proximity. I am especially amazed by the lively sculptures on top of the pinnacles. It looks like the guardian of the cathedral and looking towards the metropolis of Milan.

Without exception, the wall and door of the cathedral is decorated with absolutely stunning carving and artwork. Such sleight of hand masterpiece.

You must not miss the interior of this majestic cathedral as well. It’s definitely an enjoyment to admire the beautiful interior of this cathedral.

The city view of Milan

Most cathedral in Europe is equipped with a lookout point. Same applies to this cathedral. What’s unique about thisĀ  cathedral lookout point is its large roof area at the top. You can walk more freely within the designated area, as compared to those cathedral with small confined area.

If time permits, you can also sit and relax on the roof to admire the spectacular city view!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

You must not miss the this famous glass top shopping gallery located next to Milan cathedral. It’s a beautiful shopping gallery with many world’s renown fashion powerhouse such as Prada. Its glass top design is elegant and allows natural lighting penetration for a comfortable ambiance in the gallery.

Dining venue

While i am meandering at the shopping gallery, i noticed one family restaurant. It captivated my attention due to its customer photo on display as public advertisement. Look who is in the photo? It’s the famous Chinese celebrity, Jay Chow!

Giving the benefit of doubt, i tried this restaurant and it turns out to be a good dining experience. It’s located at the backside of the shopping mall. Let’s see if you manage to find this restaurant too in your next visit to Milan!