Montjuic castle sightseeing with exciting cable car ride

Teleferic de Montjuic castle feature image

Montjuic castle is another famous lookout point in Barcelona. It’s located at the mountain top offering a clear Barcelona city view. You can also have the other side of Barcelona port view here. Take note that the port view might not be enticing for some.

Teleferic de Montjuic

To access to the mountain top effortlessly, riding cable car is the best option. The cable car is equipped with clear glass window. It allows you to enjoy the ride with Barcelona city view along the journey. I truly enjoy this ride. You can start to admire the spectacular city view along the ride even before reaching to the top.

Montjuic castle at the top

Upon reaching the mountain top, you will immediately see the castle. It’s a castle with big terrace area for your exploration and pick your favorite view point. There are also several canons mounted around the castle for your admiration.

Barcelona city view

This is the famous facing of the castle whereby most visitor will enjoy a spectacular city view. Most of the buildings in the city will be shrunk to miniature. You can see how small the buildings has became in the photo below. Some might prefer a closer lookout point to the city for a bigger size building view.

Barcelona port view

Another facing of the castle is the port view. There is not much buildings around the port. Hence this facing will give you another kind of feeling. I hope this port view will not affects your mood because it’s could remind you of your work.


The terrace area of this castle is a large open area. You might want to apply some sunblock lotion if you are visiting on a sunny day. I did enjoyed the view that Barcelona can offers at this castle. Hopefully you will too!