Mykonos, a wonderful gateway island

Mykonos is situated not far away from Santorini. One can easily visit this wonderful island via Flight or Ferry transfer from Santorini/other adjacent islands hassle free. Although the airport available here is relatively smaller footprint, it serves both domestic and international flights. Viola, you can visit Mykonos from anywhere of the world!


Most famous landmark of Mykonos, the Windmill and Little Venice!

Every visitor of Mykonos will certainly visit the sea facing Windmill and its adjacent “Little Venice” nested with restaurants and shops with variety of merchandise items. What i particularly like about this place is because one can access to all famous landmark within a brisk walk.

Prominent windmill at Mykonos


The romantic little Venice at Mykonos


To illustrate to you how close proximity is the windmill and little Venice, take a look at the below video. However, the strong sea breeze constantly blowing during my visit has resulted a little bit of shaky effect on this video. Hopefully it won’t strain your eye on this!


The other charming side of Mykonos

Moving away from the hustle bustle of this public square, we can navigate this interesting island via its intriguing pathway and shops hidden within. The synchronized color code of the buildings in Mykonos present its unique charm. Just to show you a little bit of the illustration, enjoy the beautiful photos below!

Intriguing street hidden within Mykonos


Blue and white, the ubiquitous color code of Mykonos


There are many other shops and restaurant with unique setup nested on this wonderful island. For instance, you can even locate LV (Louis Vuitton) branded shop here!

Creatively decorated restaurant in Mykonos


Branded LV shop in Mykonos


The value of art is at its highest appreciation in Mykonos. I have come across a delicately constructed public rest room synchronizing with the island theme. I am amazed and would definitely share a photo with you on this unique rest room. Take a look on the photo below, does it look like a rest room or in resemblance of another type of room?

As usual, 50 cents Euro admission fee applies


Well, that’s a brief representation of what Mykonos island can offers. Of course, there are also other attraction on this island such as the beach. Now, are you considering to paying a visit to Mykonos soon?