Notre Dame Cathedral and its tower for romantic city view

Notre Dame Cathedral tower lookout point city view feature image

Notre Dame Cathedral is a beautiful designed cathedral with a tower serving as a lookout point for the romantic Paris city view. One could easily fall in love with this place because of its location and the view it offers. There are many shops around this cathedral for your enjoyable saunter.

The cathedral exterior

Walking around the cathedral, you will definitely be amazed in admiring this majestic cathedral. It’s quite a sizable cathedral and every corner of this building will seize your attention. Take your time to explore around the exterior of this cathedral while enjoying the bonding moment between you and the cathedral.

The cathedral model

There is one very detailed building model on display in the cathedral. You can take a time to admire its beauty while you are visiting the interior of this cathedral. The design of this cathedral is just amazingly beautiful amalgamating the possibility of architectural wisdom.

The Gargoyles

The very unique Gargoyles design on top of the lookout point will certainly amazed you. The function of this uniquely fabricated Gargoyles is to allow rain waters to be disposed from its roof. There are also plenty of sculptures on top of the roof, illustrating the creative side of this cathedral.

The romantic Paris city view

It’s definitively worthwhile to climb to the top of the tower to admire the romantic Paris city view. You will need to climb up via a spiral staircase like most of the cathedral tower accessibility method. Exercise a bit to claim the reward awaiting you on the top. Simply priceless!

Perhaps the gloomy weather during my visit has further enhanced the romance atmosphere in Paris. I can’t resist myself to fall in love with this romantic city. Wouldn’t you feel the same too? Please tell me you feel the same too because you are going to break my heart if you think Paris is not romantic for you.

The love lock bridge

Of course, love lock bridge is a must have item in this romantic city of Paris. You can easily recognize one at the back of this cathedral. Many couples had installed their love lock on this bridge for the blessing of a long lasting and rewarding relationship. Perhaps it’s time for you to put one on this bridge?

I really fall in love with this romantic Paris. I am sure you will feel the same too! So what are you waiting for? Quickly fly to Paris to indulge yourself in the comforting romance atmosphere.