Palais Garnier, jaw dropping grandiose opera house in Paris

Palais Garnier feature image

Palais Garnier is indisputable as one of the most amazing opera house in the entire Europe. It’s embellished with elegant adornment and decorated with lots of glittering element. Full height red curtain with grandiose setting at almost every corner. You can also find many beautiful chandelier in this opera house.

The opera house exterior

Upon reaching┬áPalais Garnier, you will be greeted with a jaw dropping building. It’s beautifully design even at its exterior. Lively sculptures and skillfully crafted walls and pillars with eye catching element are omnipresent in this opera house. You can admire every inch of the buildings with such sleight of hand creation.

The magnificent interior

If you are not satiated by the opera house exterior, your breath will be taken away when you unfold the magnificent interior. This is the grandest opera house i ever see in the entire Europe. I am absolutely amazed by this opera house with its rich level of details!

The main theater hall is absolutely a fabulous place to enjoy an entertaining performance show. I am sure this place would be an lovely rendezvous with your partner. It will definitely imprint an unforgettable moment in your memory. Not a single doubt on it!

The mirror hall grand foyer

There is another highlight in this opera house. Its beautifully designed mirror hall grand foyer is another jaw dropping place. It’s installed with so many beautiful chandelier and the beautiful ceiling is definitely attention seeking. You can’t find it elsewhere!

This is a functioning foyer. You can look out from this foyer and admire the romantic Paris city view at the outside. What a wonderful moment to experience this spectacular event in life. You can gain your bragging right here!

I am utterly flabbergasted by this jaw dropping opera house. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful building i ever experienced in my entire travel journey. I am confident this memory will lasts forever. No other place can replace this wonderful experience!