Pasteis de Belem Portuguese tart since 1837

Pasteis de Belem shop front

Satisfy your taste bud by the unique Pasteis de Belem Portuguese tart, a secret recipe since 1837! You must try this when you are visiting Belem, a famous town in Portugal. The tradition of this Portuguese tart has been exported to many eastern countries as well.

To taste the original and the best, you must come to this shop. It opens everyday and always crowded with many bakery lovers! As you can see from the featured image above, this shop is easily located at the main street of Belem. You can not miss this shop in Belem.

Large dining area in the shop

To support the large crowd, this shop is quite spacious and offers many tables and seats. However, you will need to queue for your turn. You can see a big posters illustrating its famous Portuguese tart on the wall as shown below. This is the must try product when you are here.

Experiencing the Portuguese tart

Here comes the most exciting moment! Savoring its traditional tart with a cup of coffee on this wonderful morning! As you can see from the photo below, its surface is golden in color with some burnout area due to the unavoidable bakery making process. I couldn’t resist the temptation to bite on it as soon as possible!

Dissecting it, you can see its creamy and milky essence hidden underneath the surface. It’s one of the smoothest tart i ever tasted in my life. Excellent satisfaction and unforgettable experience. You must come here to try this when you are visiting Belem, No excuse!

Take away service

This shop also offers take away service. If you are rushing, you can order the tart and other bakery product for take away. With this, you will be able to savor their traditional tart and bakery product without the need of queuing for a dine in experience.