Prague Castle, magnificent Czech heritage

Prague Castle is Czech proudest and most magnificent heritage. It’s also one of the biggest coherent castle complex according to the Guinness Book of World Records. None other castle complex is as magnificent as Prague Castle in the world. This is the only sole reason attracted me to visit this castle!

There are many great point of interest within Prague Castle, i am going to introduce it one by one as below delineation. I am utterly flabbergasted by the large compound of this castle and never seen such magnificent architectural establishment elsewhere in such condensed footprint!

St. Vitus Cathedral

This is the highest building in Prague castle. You can see its sky piercing tower from afar. It’s one of the most iconic landmark of Prague. Its rich in historical value and absolutely stunning with its intrigue architectural uniqueness. In short, it’s a majestic cathedral and jaw dropping creation.

St. Vitus Cathedral interior

Of course, one must visit the interior of this cathedral in order to fully appreciate what the cathedral can offers. I am one of the fan for intrigue European style cathedral and i am going to set foot into this majestic cathedral. I am absolutely in awe admiring its internal beauty!

St. Vitus Cathedral lookout point

One of the most exciting part of my travel journey is to never miss the spectacular city view! This is the best city lookout point for you to capture the breathtaking moment! Prague is such a beautiful city with its cultural rich heritage and its establishment along the river bank. Such mesmerizing view!

Lobkowicz Palace

The second highlight of this area is the Lobkowicz Palace. It’s located nearer to the downhill area. Hence, it’s closer to the city. It’s a palace with antique furniture and you can visit this place to admire the old fashioned setting of a palace in Prague.

I am especially astounded by its strategic location because its proximity to the city enable the view admiration through the room. Look at the view obtainable in the room. I would love to stay in this room! Don’t you feel the same too?

Golden lane

This is probably the most romantic lane in Prague castle area. The shops are well maintained and juxtaposed in a romantic manner. The lane is narrow and it can be quite crowded with visitors. Do not forget to explore the shop. You might find some surprise in the shop.

I am thoroughly satisfied with Prague Castle visit due to its uniqueness. Very special place on earth and definitely worthwhile for your visit! You certainly do not want to miss this place in your future travel, if you have not plan one! Come and embrace the beauty of Prague Castle!