Prague old town square and its intriguing Astronomical clock

Prague old town square is a lovely place with all sorts of interesting activities. You can enjoy the local delicacies with its plethora of dining choices, enjoying the busy crowd watching, or just climb up to the tower for a spectacular Prague old town city view!

Prague Astronomical Clock

This is one of the highlight in Prague, you must not miss this beautiful craftsmanship with its historical value. Look at how this clock is designed, colorful clock face and skillfully fabricated to be a functioning clock. I especially like the statue miniature around this clock to illustrate its rich level of details.

You will notice many visitors will stand in front of this clock waiting for the right moment for this clock showtime performance. I am lucky to be able to capture a short video of how this clock will perform during its showtime. Take a look on the video below to appreciate this clock in action!

The tower

One of the highlight of this old town square is its tower for you to admire its nearby city view. It’s not as high as Prague Castle┬áSt. Vitus Cathedral (you can see it in the fifth photo) but it’s sufficient for you to admire the nearby buildings in a higher altitude. I still found this interesting to look at the buildings in nearer proximity.

It presents itself from another perspective and it’s absolutely a lovely view as well. It’s a pleasure to view how the crowd move around beneath and how the objects has been shrunk to miniature size. Perhaps you can stay here a little bit longer because there is just so much to admire from here.

This is definitely a lovely place to ends your evening in a relaxing manner. No rush, just enjoy the moment and refresh back what you have achieved in life. Such a wonderful moment, don’t you think so?