How to Quit Your Job and Get Paid to Do what you WANT?

Are you achieving it now or it’s just a dream that is so faraway within reach?

For many people, i believe it’s still a dream that is out of reach now. We are living in a world of capitalism society whereby NO money = NO life!

At the moment i am writing this article, i have to admit that i am not reaching this goal yet. This is my ultimate goal in life, to chase and seek what i truly desire in life!

Do you instantly felt the happiness feature image is a deception of life and you are back to your routine depression and stressful situation as below?

I hate to be trapped in this situation too. Let me share with you my little story of my life thus far.


My early stage of life

I was not born rich.

I hate this truly undesirable situation, but i can’t change it.

I saw many friends from better family environment and i do envy them. It’s not a shameful statement and i am admitting it openly. This world is not fair and i can’t change the way the world is, despite i don’t like it.

Have you watch the movie, The Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure? 

There is a scene in the movie that resonates with my deepest feeling. The scene i am talking about is the chaotic fighting scene whereby Janson (infected with the deadly virus) is trying to take Thomas’s serum (the death cure) from Teresa.

Janson shouted:” Thomas was born with it, HE DOESN’T DESERVE IT!

Teresa responded:” But it’s HIS!

I instantly associated this scene with the current society norm whereby the rich and upper echelon of the society heir is born with 90% of the entire population’s wealth and the rest of the population (like us) can do nothing about it (and we need to WORK HARD for daily SURVIVAL!)

Are you in resonance with me?


Moving into the University

I nearly give up my tertiary education opportunity due to financial predicament after finishing my secondary school study. However, i managed to enrolled myself into tertiary education with the help of my good friend. After 4 years of university life, we were graduated with high hope to improve our life quality dramatically (theoretically).

At the graduation ceremony, everyone is elated and feeling ready to conquer the world!


Starting my first job

I started my first job in March, 2003. With the salary i earn, i only manged to buy second hand car for my daily commute. I don’t have a proper photo of this old car and this is the best photo i can retrieve from my photo archive dated more than a decade ago.

Do you like what you see? Sincere opinion!

Soon, i realize the corporate world is not as ideal as i thought. Of course, i am still working for my daily survival in this capitalism society.

One fine day, i stumbled upon John Chow‘s e-book on Amazon and i told myself why not i try something different in my life to achieve what i truly desire? That’s the reason why i took an action to create this website.


The birth of Chaseeker website

With a good hope to reach my desire stage of life, i launch this website, “Chaseeker”. I coined the word “Chaseeker” based on the combination of two words, “chase” + “seeker” = “Chaseeker”.

As below introduction video, i don’t possess an innate deep voice that exudes great influential power nor a good english slang for those who are fortunate enough to study in the UK/US.

I apologize for the quality of this video. But i do hope you will like it despite the mentioned shortfall!


Blogging popularity in Malaysia

As you may notice, i am just an average Asian living in one of the ASEAN country, namely MALAYSIA. It’s a small country on the map and blogging is not a popular method of earning an sustainable income because we are still a developing third world country. The internet of things is not as common as the advanced country like the UK/US.

Hence, i need help to grow my blog’s popularity!



If you think my blog make sense, you can help me by sharing my post so that it can reach more people out there. And hopefully it can inspire more people to take action to realize their dream too!

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Last but not least, a very big THANK YOU for your generosity and help in advance!!!