Rhine river tour from the lovely town of Bacharach

Rhine river tour is a famous river cruise path in Germany. You can sight see a variety of castles of different shapes and sizes along its river bank. Certain pier is available for you to hope off from the cruise for a little adventure before hop on to the next cruise to continue your journey.

Bacharach train station

I would recommend you to start your cruise journey from Bacharach, a lovely small town along the Rhine river. It’s because the train will take you directly to this place, hassle free. Upon reaching the train station, you will be embraced by the tranquility of this lovely town.

Bacharach sightseeing

Take your time to explore this lovely town before hop on to the Rhine river cruise. It’s a small area for your easy saunter. I especially like the design of these 14th century traditional German house here. This place is definitely soul soothing.

Rhine river cruise pier

It’s easy to locate this Rhine river cruise pier. You just need to walk till the other end of Bacharach town and discover this prominent cruise pier. You can purchase the river cruise ticket in the booth located just in front of this pier. The cruise is equipped with indoor and outdoor platform for your selection.

Be mindful on the cruise return schedule if you want to come back to this pier. Not all pier will have cruise stopping by on hourly basis. So, plan your little adventure wisely in order not to miss the return trip cruise.

Rhine river cruise sightseeing

You will have fun sightseeing a variety of castles and buildings located along the river banks. Just sit back and relax your journey. There is one sizable castle open for visitor viewing and serve as a lookout point to admire the Rhine river view from the hilltop. I’ll touch on that castle in the next paragraph.

Rhens Castle lookout point

This is the sizable castle i am talking about. You can hop off at this pier to start your little adventure. You can see this unique castle sitting at the hilltop when you are approaching its pier. You need to walk uphill to the castle and i assure you it’s an enjoyable walk to admire its heritage buildings along your journey.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Rhine river cruise and this lovely town of Bacharach. It’s definitely a must visit destination to enjoy its tranquility and its heritage buildings. Aren’t you fascinated by these 14th century German house design and its interesting river banks establishment?