Sacre-Coeur and its lookout point for a beautiful city view

Sacre-Coeur is a cathedral located at Paris Montmartre district. It’s a very uniquely designed cathedral due to its concentrated multiple dome at a smaller footprint. An unconventional appearance as compared to the traditional sizable cathedral. It’s located at the hilltop and a little bit of exercise is required.

There is tram available to transport you to the mid section of the hilltop if you prefer a easier way to reach to the top. Just like what i did. The tram journey is just a short distance and you can get to the mid section rather quickly. Or you can just walk directly to the hilltop like the others do.

The Sacre-Coeur exteiror

As briefly introduced in the paragraph above, the size of this cathedral is not magnificent but its unique design did not pale in comparison. Very special design and i especially like the multiple different sizes dome juxtaposition creating a mesmerizing layering effect. Don’t you like what you see too?

The beautiful city view

Due to its location at the hilltop, it already possessed a great quality of a city lookout point at this high altitude. Upon climbing up to its lookout point, you are positioning yourself at a higher point to observe a beautiful city view. The city view offered by Sacre-Coeur is more serene as compared to the bustling area of Eiffel Tower.

You can also view the Eiffel Tower from afar in the city view because it’s not too far away from this district. It provides you another kind of feeling to admire this romantic tower from this distance. Some might prefer this city view instead of looking out from Eiffel Tower because you can’t capture it in the view while you are standing on it!

Which Paris city view lookout point do you prefer the most? I had shared three options in my website as below:

  1. Eiffel tower
  2. Notre Dame Cathedral
  3. Sacre-Coeur (this article)

Let me know which one is your preferred lookout point and why?